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For spouses divorcing in Florida, many questions must be resolved, either through negotiations, mediation or a decision by a judge in court. Among them:

What will happen to our money?
What will happen to the house?
What will happen to the kids?

Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A., in Pensacola, Florida, helps his clients answer these and other questions while bettering their lives. Using legal tools including litigation, out-of-court negotiations, and mediated discussions, attorney Craig Vigodsky helps his clients across the Florida Panhandle meet their needs regarding marital assets, child access, and family support.

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

Divorcing spouses have two main choices when determining how to legally end their marriage. If they are inclined to resolve their differences regarding property division, child custody and visitation, family support, and other matters out of court, they can negotiate the terms of their divorce in advance. Doing so can save them money, time and grief. This is called an uncontested divorce, and it is how most Florida divorces are resolved.

When negotiations fail or are impractical, Florida courts require divorcing spouses to seek a mediated solution. Instead of negotiating directly with each other, an impartial mediator considers each party’s circumstances before suggesting settlement terms. The parties then choose to agree with the terms, use them as a basis for future negotiations, or reject the terms altogether.

Sometimes, divorcing parties can’t reach consensus after mediation and they take their dispute to court, in a contested divorce. In a divorce trial, the spouses may argue for their desired outcomes, but ultimately a judge determines the terms that the parties, and their children, will live under.

As a former state prosecutor with more than a decade of family law experience, attorney Craig Vigodsky has helped his clients achieve their goals through negotiation, mediation, and trial. He can zealously advocate for your interests, using whichever method is most effective for your needs.

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Gulf Breeze Military Divorce Attorney Serving Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, And Northwest Florida

Representation for Military Members, Military Families
Attorney Craig Vigodsky understands the unique pressure that military families face, and provides guidance and counsel in matters including divorce, child custody (parenting time), child visitation (time sharing), alimony (spousal support), child relocations and modifications of post-divorce orders. He proudly represents military members stationed at Eglin Air Force Base (AFB), Hulbert Field, Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS), Corry Field Station and Whiting Field, as well as their family members. He also addresses long-distance issues for out-of-state military families and soldiers stationed abroad.

Alimony (Spousal Support)

Unlike child support, amounts and duration of spousal support are largely at the discretion of a judge. Divorcing spouses may also negotiate the amounts and seek the approval of a judge. Generally, whether alimony is granted and how long it lasts depends on three factors. These are the length of the marriage, whether there are significant disparities in income between the spouses and if there is a “skills gap,” meaning that one spouse has less education or fewer job skills or has sacrificed significant time to child-rearing duties compared to the other spouse. Consult with Craig Vigodsky to discuss options for collecting or paying short- or long-term spousal support.

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