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Everyone deserves to feel as safe and secure as possible. Therefore, if you are physically attacked or threatened with violence, seek help to protect yourself and loved ones. First, contact the police and get somewhere safe. Next, you should contact Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A.

As a former state prosecutor, attorney Craig Vigodsky  assisted victims of domestic violence for more than a decade. He understands the law and is experienced in local courts. He knows how to hold violators accountable for the injuries and damages they cause.

Restraining Orders Attorney Serving Gulf Breeze, Pensacola And the Florida Panhandle

When you retain Craig Vigodsky as your lawyer, he helps you obtain appropriate legal protections for your family members and pursue domestic violence charges. Whether the violence takes the form of physical assault, sexual assault or financial abuse, he pursues your domestic violence case in the appropriate civil or criminal court.

Seeking a Domestic Violence Injunction

An injunction for protection against domestic violence, also known as a restraining order, is a legal protection that a victim of violence pursues in civil court. If granted by a judge, it restricts the actions of an allegedly violent person by prohibiting him/her from contacting, harassing or coming near his or her victims. Depending on the type of court injunction that is filed, an order for protection can:

Prohibit Contact with Victims

The restrained person may not contact the protected individual by telephone, cellphone, text, email, written message or any other form of communication.

Prevent Harassment of Victims

The restrained person may not assault, or threaten to assault, the protected individual. The restrained person also may not stalk, follow, watch, impede the movements of or destroy the personal property of the protected individual.

Establish Minimum Distance from Victims

The restrained person may not come within a certain distance of the protected individual.

Documenting Violence, Pursuing Civil and Criminal Remedies

A restraining order is the first step in a process of protecting yourself and your family members from violence. Once you file a domestic violence injunction in court, you become eligible to pursue emergency child support or spousal support. You may also gain exclusive use and possession of your 天津福彩app下载, and exclusive access to your child.

Proof of violence and threats of violence, as well as violations of protective orders, are also be extremely useful when trying to establish a pattern of abusive behavior to a judge or jury. Such proof helps you secure permanent sole custody of your children, long-term child support or spousal support, or certain assets in a divorce. Mr. Vigodsky answers questions about domestic violence and helps protect your family and secure your finances.

When appropriate, he also pursues misdemeanor or felony criminal violence charges in court against an abusive spouse or partner.

Defense for The Falsely Accused

When a person is falsely accused of spousal assault, child abuse or violence against a significant other, Mr. Vigodsky seeks to overturn falsely obtained restraining orders.

In all cases, Craig Vigodsky counsels clients on their options and guides them through the decision-making process. Retain him, and he will always return your calls and respond to your correspondence, completely and in a timely manner.

When you’re ready to consult with an experienced domestic violence attorney serving Pensacola, Florida, .