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Divorce Law

We can assist you with your Divorce, Child Support & Custody issues

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Criminal Defense

We can help you or your loved ones with their DUI Defense or Juvenile Crimes

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Domestic Violence

Let us help protect you or your loved ones from Domestic Violence and abuse

Representing Clients Throughout the Florida Panhandle in Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Divorce and Child Issues

In a marketplace that is saturated with legal services, it is hard to find an attorney you can trust. For the best results, find an attorney who knows the law AND has experience representing clients in your situation. Finding an attorney in Pensacola who listens is equally important. Look for someone who understands your situation, comprehends your needs, and can deliver services tailored to those needs.

Craig Vigodsky is that attorney. He is a former state prosecutor and a practicing attorney with more than 17 years’ experience. Craig Vigodsky was born in Pensacola, raised in Gulf Breeze and educated in the Florida Panhandle. He has helped many satisfied clients over the years by providing solid representation in court trials and out-of-court negotiations. As a certified mediator, Craig Vigodsky can help resolve disputes in mediation, avoiding the high cost and time involved in taking your case to court.

Ways We Can Serve You

Craig A. Vigodsky, P.A.,, represents clients throughout the Florida Panhandle in these and other legal matters:

  • Family law, including divorce, child custody and support, paternity, modifications of orders and relocation
  • Criminal defense, including DUI defense, felony and misdemeanor criminal defense as well as juvenile crime defense
  • Domestic violence, including representation for victims of violence who need domestic violence injunctions (restraining orders), as well as defense against domestic violence charges when appropriate

Haven't I Seen You Before?

Mr. Vigodsky enjoys helping members of our community with complicated legal issues. Of course, he is most effective in litigation begun after a face-to-face consultation with individual clients.

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Craig Vigodsky | An Attorney Who Listens and Provides Experienced Legal 天津福彩app下载 in Pensacola, Florida

Unlike some attorneys in Pensacola, Craig Vigodsky listens to his clients. He knows that understanding his clients’ perspectives, insights and desires are crucial in resolving cases to the client’s satisfaction.

While he strives to educate his clients on legal matters and present sound legal strategies, he keeps them in the driver’s seat. Once retained, Craig Vigodsky will always return your calls and respond to your correspondence, completely and in a timely manner.

To discuss your circumstances and the prospects for resolving your family law domestic violence and criminal defense legal issues, contact Pensacola attorney Craig Vigodsky at (850) 912-8520.